UV Flexo

The process that continues to progress, both through improvements in technology and commercial advantage. The staff at Vision Inks have been at the heart of this process since its inception in the very early 90s. Subsequently we have seen and dealt with many of the issues that commonly arise. In developing our range of UV flexo inks we sought to “future proof” them. Not only are they are formulated to allow for forthcoming legislation but we have considered process improvements as well. The range has been proven to cure extremely well at press speeds up to 200 metres per minute, given the correct conditions.

UV Dry Offset

Vision Inks has developed a range of inks for printing pre-formed 3 dimensional plastic containers that deals with all of the issues facing this most demanding of technologies. The formulation of these inks is dictated by: Excellent adhesion to a range of suitably treated plastic materials Low migration photoinitiators Exceptional press speeds in excess of 600 parts per minute Ultra low odour monomers Conformance to rigid food standards legislation.

UV Varnish

Available in a wide range of viscosities and gloss levels, including special effects. Our varnish improves resistance against: chemicals, cosmetics, water, weather, UV light and other properties.

Vision Inks can service all your coatings needs from high gloss to full matt finishes, functional barrier coatings, and products which display specific resistance performance.

Food Packaging Adhesives

Whether you need standard lamination adhesive or more specialisted film to board, Visioninks has all the answers. Low migration and Nestle approved specially designed for film to board.

In the growing market of new technology of film to board, moving away from the old window patch systems, with this new technology and machinery this can now be done in one pass, with the use of film to board, our adhesive is bespoke made to each individual press and speed conditions.